Trappers Association of Nova Scotia Booth Program
T.A.N.S. has an established booth program that is interactive and educational to young and old, as well as the trapper and non-trapper. Traveling to different events directors display tanned pelts, plastic tracks along skulls and plastic scat of Nova Scotia's fur-bearing species. Discussions at this booth involve the importance of trapping as a tool to manage fur-bearer populations, including the negative impacts that over-population can create. We also discuss dog proofing, humane trapping standards, and the importance of trapper/land owner relations. Our booth not only promotes trapping but also answers many questions about the habits and biology of Nova Scotia's fur-bearers. T.A.N.S. is proud to use this booth program to educate and inform the public about Nova Scotia's natural renewable fur-bearing species. As well as our ongoing commitment to this resource through sustainable humane trapping methods




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