Annual Workshop & Convention
Trapper Education Student Invite to Workshop and AGM
[Annual Workshop & Convention]
The first part of March the Trappers Association of Nova Scotia will be holding their Annual Workshop and Convention, at the Royal Canadian Legion, River St., Kentville.  The workshop will be held on Thursday  and Friday , with the Convention & Annual General Meeting on Saturday . The Trappers Association would like to invite you to join us.
This workshop is NOT a mandatory part of the Wild Fur Harvester's Education Course (unless you have taken the Fur Harvester Course through Homestudy) and DOES NOT QUALIFY a participant for their TRAPPING LICENSE, but it will give each participant a wide range of practical "Hands on" experience.  The DNR office provides us with animals for you to get hands on experience in every aspect of the fur industry.  Thursday you will start the pelt preparation with the skinning, stretching & drying the pelt.  Friday covers trap sets, turning the fur and shipping.  Many of the Trappers Assoc. of Nova Scotia directors and members will be on hand to assist and pass on any information they can.  You can attend one day, both days,  or any part of a day; whatever you are able to.  Please bring your own knife and apron, if you have them, if not T.A.N.S. will have a few to share.  We hope you will come prepared to gain all the experience you can. 
Saturday is the Annual Convention, the morning is a meet and greet time for everyone, with a pelt competition and many demonstrations going on.  There will be trap suppliers, fur buyers, lure supplies and other industry related people present.  Late morning the auction will take place, this is the Trappers Association major fundraiser, and donations of new or like new items would be appreciated.  The Annual General Meeting goes on in the afternoon and everyone is welcome to attend.
We hope you will consider attending part or all of our workshop and convention.

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